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Fem! Sollux Captor Cosplay by MercuryBitt632 Fem! Sollux Captor Cosplay :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 9 5
I'm Sorry I Fell For You
I’m sorry I fell for you
I’m sorry that I fell for your temptations
I lost control.
I lost myself and continue to
Everytime I lay eyes on you
Despite my insanity, I wouldn't have it any other way
I’m sorry I lost myself
But I’m happy when you find me and calm me down
I’m happier with you
I know I sound like a living contradiction
Because loving you and keeping inside hurts more everyday
As though a clenched fist holds my heart in a vice grip.
I’m sorry I fell for you.
But thank you for letting me feel this way.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 0 0
I'm Glad I Got Away
I’m glad I got away
I’m glad I escaped the clutches of a past and united with one anew
I see it was worth the bridges I burned
I regret nothing
In the end, the past was pathetic
I deserved so much more than what was offered
I was stepped on and consistently reminded of my place
But the scales have shifted
I have budded beyond anything they could possibly imagine
I have grown
while they have cowered in their conventionality and worn out ways
There are some senses of pity
But really there is no reason
Fates twisted and intertwined and wrestled
and by some unforeseen miracle
I have persevered.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 0 0
Let me Fall
Let me fall
Let me contort myself into a dark form in a comforting corner
Let me scream
Let me be free from the very shackles I created
Let me cry
Let me be an attention seeking child, even for a moment of time
Let me in
Let me fall into your arms in hopes you shall scare my demons away
Let me breathe
Let me hear my vitals pulsing to remind me I am alive and human
Let me rest
Let me recover and return to a sense of normalcy
Let me heal
Let me open up
And never let me fall again.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 0 0
Mature content
In Moonlight Came Shadows :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 2 0
The Tops of Trees
As I reach for the darkened sky
stretching to the highest points of the universe
pulling myself higher
branching out, veins pulsating through the stardust
My heart pumps faster
tidings of warmth and comfort knowing I am so close to the center
But as though reaching the tops of trees
my balance is thrown into a wind of reality
I cannot reach as far as I hoped and intended
And I shrivel away from Nirvana.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 6 4
I am the Star Farmer
I am the Star Farmer
delicate touch and perfect harmony
the strings pulling my children along through darkness
I am a beacon
shining the light for those who need it most
hanging my light across the night sky
I am a mystery
majestic, enigmatic
yet so universal
I am the harvester
calling upon the seeds in the dust
caressing and caring as I let them mature
I am the Gods
hanging the stars above my head; utmost care
and people praise me
I am the traveler
in my vessel let the people follow
guardian of safe passages
I am the Star Farmer
hanging the lights in the sky
harvesting from the dust.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 6 2
The Boy and The Stars
He liked to Stargaze, to stare at the glittering gods in the sky
His friends
Sometimes when he was alone, he would dance alongside them, and feel happiness for a fleeting moment in time.
He would find the constellations and watch their travels through the months and seasons.
Meteor Showers were always welcomed with his smile and the wonderment in his eyes.
When sadness overwhelmed him, he waited for a falling star, and wish with all his heart for his troubles to disappear.
Back to sickening reality.
Cycles and bottles rushed back into his head, the loud voices returning to his sore ears.
Not a penny to his soul, not a single piece of hope and a caring nebula liked the ones he wished he could be with.
When his head was down to Earth, he felt a deteriorating entrapment, and aliens, or what they seemed liked, reminded him every day of his prison.
Tears with stardust and hope fell from his cheeks.
At one point when he was the lowest points, he made a decision that seemed rational, practica
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 10 0
Dear Anonymous (Coming Out)
Dear Anonymous,
I AM BISEXUAL. And that is my problem. I don't know how to handle it. I get so nervous about it, I just repress it in the back of my mind. Forget it. I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me. But then again , what if I'm wrong? What if I say this is what I want and then I'm wrong? I couldn't even stand to know I broke someone's heart over my insecurity. My plague, if you will. I'm going a bit mad, just writing this letter to you. Bringing this problem front and center in the stage of my mind. I'm happy, letting someone in, but upset because has been so private for so long, I've grown to love the closet I left it in.
There is a yearning though. A yearning to explore, to see what it will be like. What it will be like to hold another girl like that. To hold her hand as we walk down the street, and kiss her cheek gently to say good night. What would it be like? I've only had the little experience I've had with guys, that was short lived. I had anxiety. I wasn't ha
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 20 28
Drops In The River
Everyday I spend with you is a drop in a river
you fill me with such warmth
such love
Let us dive, hand in hand
so we can swim down the river together
the water will run through our veins
pumping straight to our hearts,
blooming in our minds
we are a beautiful enigma
our hearts fit together like climbing ivy
reaching for the limitless sky
Don't ever let it last for a moment in fleeting time
Let it become the sharp point of a moutain
a tree full of life
let us swim the river
forever flowing.
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 2 0
My Little Babies by MercuryBitt632 My Little Babies :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 9 11
Surrounding me are twinkling stars amongst a large man at the center of their dancing. They caress me give me warmth surrounding my body. As the large man draws closer to me, I gain an insight to a more omnipotent star. He smiled warmly, as the stars surrounding us and above us started to turn quicker and quicker. The music ringing in my ear grew louder and louder with each twist and turn. The constellations formed before my eyes; Ursa Major over my head, while Orion fell to my feet.
"They love you, dear one," the large man finally spoke, "It's time for you to take your turn. Give them your hand, and follow them."
I became filled with queries, truly I'm not worthy of staying amongst the rest of the stars. I fall subpar to their beauty, grace, elegance, and unquestioning perfection. I was not as powerful as the God before me. I was just a mere insignificant servant to the ground below my feet, working alone for a single purpose: survival. I felt selfish and childish none of the less, bu
:iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 6 3
Beauty of Buckingham Palace by MercuryBitt632 Beauty of Buckingham Palace :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 2 3 Carry Me to Piccadilly... by MercuryBitt632 Carry Me to Piccadilly... :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 10 3
Mature content
Quite a Mess :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 5 8
To the Intellectual Wanderer by MercuryBitt632 To the Intellectual Wanderer :iconmercurybitt632:MercuryBitt632 2 1


by NemoX7

Overall, I think you did an wonderful job! For one thing, your rhyming flowed and sounded natural. the imagery you provoked is beautifu...




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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
The username is from a character I made up (makes stories in my head in free time) He was a member of the mafia gang, and the name Mercury Bitt was inscribed on the gun he held (gift from the Godfather; his father) I know I have no life, I know all too well...

When I feel like it, I write stories or poetry from my lala land. I'm currently bouncing between like 4 or 5 different stories, so if I have not uploaded a chapter in a while, its because I'm
1) Busy trying to pass my classes.
2) Writers Block (damn you!!)
3) Sick of writing it and stopped it all together!!

So I spend most of my time with my puppy!, listening to musica, reading, or watching tv..

Journal History

I really hope no one else besides me really looks at this thing...

My deviant art is a mix of "aw man I was such a good writer back then," and "What the actual fuck did I do, why did I do this, seriously though repress the memory that I actually did that thing."

So hence why I really don't post here, and it takes me months to getting around actually submitting something I want on here. 

Ew, my da is just ew. 
  • Listening to: Chinese Pop songs
  • Reading: School stuff
  • Watching: Venture Brothers
  • Playing: World at Arms/ Reaper Tale of the Pale Swordsman
  • Eating: Veggie Burger tacos
  • Drinking: Lemonade


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